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Taking advantage of the huge range of opportunities from inside and outside of my classrooms at UW, I’ve been able to make connections between my interests in exciting ways that once felt impossible. Aside from applying my studies as a marine science major to my science communication and conservation work with local organizations like Made in Puget Sound and Seattle Aquarium, I’ve been able to connect my passions with topics beyond my field as well.


To the Stars...

After taking Dr. Oliver Fraser’s science and storytelling interdisciplinary honors class, he invited me to connect the dots between my knack for design and science communication to create designs for the UW Manastash Ridge Observatory’s 50th anniversary event, two quarters later.


Aside from learning about the UW astronomy program while designing for the event and pushing my own skills in design, my absolute favorite part of the experience was going to the observatory itself for the event. It was a beautiful adventure to get away from the week 9 chaos of the spring quarter, and I was thrilled to see the students, staff, and friends enjoy the designs on shirts, stickers, and more.

Planetarium and Observatories.png

Meeting professors and advisors that encourage this autonomy to connect and create has forever altered my outlook on the way post-secondary education works. Liberty and trust exists even for us at this stage of uncertainty and excitement for the future.

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