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Connection is the exact aspect of my UW experience that has made my journey so worthwhile. Throughout my years here, I’ve been pushing the limits of what’s feasible within my biology/marine biology degree requirements to fit my science communication passions/career aspirations.

Handling Pups.HEIC

Connecting the learnings from my biology and conservation classes to my practical field work behind the camera or as a researcher myself has been invaluable. Within this last year, I went from Dee Boersma’s Video Storytelling in Biology course to the “Oscars of Wildlife Film”, the Jackson Wild Summit, in late September.


I have loved navigating the ups and downs of this incredibly unique college experience. Most importantly, I have learned to love the ebb and flow of unexpected events that life has thrown at me between my first day at the university and now, and invite any twists and new connections that come my way.

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