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After a truly unfortunate turn of events during my Freshman winter quarter registration period, I discovered the Burke's Honors 397 seminar during a course exploration session in my Honors 100 class, and it turned my college experience around on its head, all for the better! To summarize my winter quarter fiasco, I wanted to sign up for the introductory DESIGN 166 course in hopes of possibly being a VCD major. When that plan fell through the cracks, I found myself signing up for the Burke class since it was at the exact same time as design on the time schedule.

At the Burke, I met my incredible instructor Melissa Frey, the collections manager of invertebrate zoology, who knew exactly how to introduce us all to every nook and cranny of the Burke's operations with the goal of having us fall in love with something new.

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Having a BLAST at the BURKE
Honors 397 with Melissa Frey

During this curse, I wrote two papers about the visitor engagement experience, and made a final presentation with my friend (and fellow future peer educator) Shalini. These assignments were extremely fun to make and design, and I'm incredibly drawn to the world of natural history museums after my engagement in the Burke this quarter.

In fact, this course convinced me to SERIOUSLY consider taking up the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology major here,  just because of how exciting EVERYTHING was to me. Id love to broaden my horizons beyond the marine science world, and this class surely gave me a whirlwind of opportunity to explore all these options. From photographic MILLIONS-of-years-old plants, to digging around shell specimens of various colors, shapes, and sizes, I had a blast and a half in this course. (PS: Honors! Please make this a full 5 credit course if possible! It's just too darn good!!!)

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