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FOR THE HUSKY 100, 2023

Welcome to my Husky Experience e-Portfolio

Hey there!

I’m Samantha-Lynn, an undergrad studying Biology and Marine Biology with Interdisciplinary Honors at UW Seattle. 


I've lived in Seattle my whole life after moving here from the Philippines when I was three, and UW has been a part of it since the very start.

From hosting international students in my childhood home to applying in the fall of my senior year of high school, UW has been there every step of the way.

I invite you to explore my Husky journey so far, and witness all the moments, memories, and skills I've picked up along the way as I gear up for my future, wherever the world decides to take me.


My Husky Experience is summarized in the following five pages, each devoted to a specific theme or criteria surrounding the Husky 100


Total Word Count Across all Pages : 1105

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To navigate my Husky 100 website, please use the buttons above. To view my other work, use the button below (this will take you away from the Husky 100 application site!)

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