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Extended Essay:
The Evolution of Technology and its Role in Wildlife Conservation Documentary Filmmaking and Storytelling:
Addressing Platforms, Practices, and Demands for Driving Change

What started out as a Biology paper drastically transformed to a Film paper with the first strike of COVID-19. My Extended Essay for IB was a WHIRLWIND to write. However, I miraculously planned and wrote this essay after throwing nearly 7 months of prior biology plans away and ended up with an A-Level Extended Essay!

While this isn't a portfolio piece of film, it is definitely where my fascination with wildlife cinematophrahy and conservation began!

Comparative Analysis:
How to Train your Dragon and Crin Blanc

Textual Analysis: The Handmaid's Tale

This is one of the very first assignments submitted to my IB Film class, a textual analysis of an episode of the Handmaid's Tale!

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