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Expanding on my time as a Peer Educator for the Honors Program in regards to leadership, it was an amazing experience guiding first-year honors students on their journeys transitioning into UW and navigating curriculum requirements, while also facilitating community building between the members of my cohort inside and outside of class.


After the last session of the Autumn quarter, I brought my students to the Burke to explore and say our goodbyes. It was great to see everyone warm up to each other and gain confidence in asking for help or resources. I was also able to gain confidence in my mentorship abilities and trust my gut and preparation with my teaching experience.

Similarly, my time as a SeaDawgs officer has allowed me to plan exciting events that educate students about marine science and UW-related opportunities, and also give them a chance to unwind with each other in a usually high-stress environment. Being a leader is beyond planning and decision-making, it’s an experience of facilitating moments of joy, belonging, and vulnerability where it is most needed.

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