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Expanding on my time as a Peer Educator, taking on a leadership role during my time at UW was daunting but incredibly rewarding in the end. Since concluding my second year as an Honors 100 Peer Educator and Lead Peer Educator within the instructor cohort, I’ve come away from the program with a sense of excitement to integrate my personality and lived experiences into my teaching style wherever I may go.

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Leading a college classroom among peers not far from me in age is a test of self-assurance, and seeing my sense of self develop over the years has been promising as I navigate toward larger professional projects.


Heading into the latter half of my undergrad, I am focused on my role in the research and mentorship space with my Mary Gates Leadership project, Undergrads ResearchReady. Through my project, I aim to improve access to first-timer research and internship opportunities through student-made/student-tested resources, self-advocacy skill building in STEM spaces, and general professional development sessions applicable to folks at any point in their research careers.


Overall, I hope to establish myself as a resource to students exploring academia and rewrite the narrative about what kinds of people are expected to engage in this work, and HOW they are expected to do it too.

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