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Bring the perfect, accessible, appropriate, and fun solutions to our Seattleites and Beyond

Stationary to State-Wide

This is a prototype of the Stormwater Stompers' "scaled" outreach programming, intended to extend beyond the city of Seattle and into the entirety of western Washington's urban centers adjacent to water systems. Events are held primarily at Farmer's Markets and community events.

On our truck

SEASAsset_1 3.png


highlights the big issues facing our region, statistics, and definitions of the technical terms most commonly used in stormwater studies. Provides the audience with the backbone of knowledge needed to engage with the issue for the first time and identify why it is important to our community and to themselves


interactive feature of sliding "doors" for people to learn term definitions and test themselves + friends

utilizing partnerships and wrap design to encourage exploration in exchange for easier access to solution cost.

provide audience with a sense of place + space. Do you live in an urban center? What role do you play in contributing to pollution and what industries contribute the most?


highlights the vast range of solutions people can engage with ranging from voter action to physical installments of mini at-home Green Stormwater Infrastructure solutions, like rain barrels, rain gardens, etc. The graphic is meant to encourage engagement at whatever level is most accessible and affordable for the audience and encourages conversation with our outreach team if you feel inclined to get started and get connected with a partner program to explore solutions that first you best. 

isometric showcase of possible solutions and how they work

rain cloud + drops can contain partner program names to incentivize funding and donations.


design appeal to draw in unsuspecting audiences who are more interested in taking photos of the cool truck, then learn about stormwater along the way

spinning wheel on the side of the truck identifies main contributing substances to pollution and how individuals or industries could address them

you wanted it, so we delivered...

“Something very interactive... Stream tables… observing erosion and deposition"

Stormwater Table

Use a spray bottle and the shaker to see how water flows down this watershed and what gets picked up along the way.

Untitled_Artwork 86.png

Regions of natural land, agriculture, and urban development are represented in this table

a pre-determined amount of "pollution" in the form of food coloring or powder is placed in each area based on the amounts of pollution in real life.

Using a spray bottle with water, people can explore how impervious surfaces allow for the quick pick-up of contaminants and how they flow into natural waterways without the correct intervention.

Stormwater Action Game

compete with friends and family to become a Salmon Protector, Puffin Protector, or Orca Protector based on how much stormwater you can prevent from entering the Puget Sound. This game design was designed by me and the Salish Sea School.

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