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I'm Samantha-Lynn (she/her), an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying Evolution, Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Marine Biology.

If you couldn't tell already, I absolutely love the environment and much of my work revolves around it. Aside from the STEAM side of the environment, I full-heartedly believe that science communication is essential for impact and action.

Outside of my daytime position with the environmental education organization, the Salish Sea School, you can find me around my hometown of Seattle, taking videos and photos of my favorite wildlife, and making designs for friends, local orgs, and more!


Thank you so much for stopping by my site to check out what I do. I'm glad that I can combine all my creative passions with science here, and I can't wait to see what's next, or what WE can make together!

You can view the rest of my complete (and very long) bio including positions, projects, features, and more below.

With love,


Photo Credit: Jillian Miller

Areas of Work

Print & Web Design, Social Media Campaigns, Photography
Branding, Video, Illustration, and Animation


Nikon D5300, DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Osmo Mobile, Macbook Pro 2020, iPad Air 4th Gen, GoPro Hero 9



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign





G Suite

Microsoft Suite


Final Cut Pro X



Logic Pro X


Contact me for my full (and more recent) CV or Resumé if you have any questions!

Click on the button below to see some of my featured work and check out my Linkedin for updates.

Hopes & Future Projects

indicates near-future or actively working on it*
I would love to...
Academics & Education

Finish Undergraduate at UW...


Major in Biology (emphasis on Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation) and Minor in Marine Biology*

Gain experience in all STEM and Comms sectors possible within my program range

Engage in plenty of lab and fieldwork experiences

Attend Grad School for a communications degree of some kind...


Possibly attend UWE to attain a Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking

Comms (illustration/design/photo/film)

Work in video, design, or communications/marketing at an environmental education facility or organization. Places like aquariums, museums, local education orgs etc.

Design exhibit graphics or promotional material

Create curriculum support material like Lesson Plans and Worksheets for students engaged in environmental learning and programming

Engage with Science Communication fellowships in Marine/Wildlife Fields...

Work on the E/V Nautilus as Video Engineer Intern

STEM & other Research

Assist in ecology research or outreach/education programming surrounding Local PNW wildlife/Marine life or Philippine wildlife conservation 

Launch my own ecology monitoring program on a local PNW species or species of concern

Work on the E/V Nautilus as a Life Sciences Intern

Stay engaged with Puget Sound Underwater LIVE! as a MarSci Interpreter and incorporate research equipment and experiments into our launches.

Places I have my Eyes on for Comms and STEM

Seattle Aquarium, SeaLife Response Rehab Research (SR3), Marine Science and Technology (MaST) Center, the Salish Sea School, Pacific Marine Mammal Research (PacMam), Sustainability Ambassadors, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium (and MBARI) , Philippine Eagle Foundation, Ocean Exploration Trust, E/V Nautilus, and many more!

UW Rainier Vista

If you are curious about academic/extracurricular progress, check out my UW Interdisciplinary Honors Portfolio, which doubles as my undergrad and academic/professional planning portfolio.

I'll capture all the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous adventures here in college. Join me!

"There are very few students I’ve met who so clearly know what they need to be doing, while also surrounding themselves with positivity, wonderful people, and awesome opportunities."

Dr. Oliver Fraser, Teaching Professor @ UW Astronomy and UW Honors

"I found your energy so contagious. Please stay that way – the world needs that vibe that only you bring into the world."

Faith Musembi, Producer/Director @ Wildstar FIlms

"Samantha is a fantastic speaker, educator, video producer, and ichthyologist... Based on my experience working with Samantha, I look forward to the prospect of doing this again."

Luke Tornabene, Curator of Fishes @ the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
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