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From what you’ve heard about my story here at UW, you can tell that it is one fueled and filled with excitement and curiosity. At the end of the day, it is my ultimate belief that my time in university should be driven by these two very important but often overlooked factors. 


As for how this approach addresses my future?


I have kept as many doors open as I could.


The relationships I've formed with peers and mentors along the way have been invaluable to my journey of self-discovery and exploration.


I’ve been able to explore new fields, experiment with each facet of my interests, and develop and refine skills that have strengthened my joyfully scattered interdisciplinary approach.


Looking towards the future, I aim to apply to a graduate program that either builds off of my STEM foundations or the communicative aspects of my passions, in scientific communication, design, or education. 

Overall, I wish to keep doing what I love and find innovative ways to combine the skills and interests I have to advocate for underrepresented role models in my field of study, and make shifts in our local culture, in how we treat each others, the environment, and ourselves. 

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